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23 FMCG companies attracted over 100 million new consumers in China



Kantar Worldpanel presented its latest study revealing 23 FMCG brands that attracted over 100 million Chinese households. P&G, Mengniu, and Yili attracted more than 170 million households, while Vinda secured the first position with a 9.9% growth in attracting new consumers. Among the 23 brands, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Want Want, and Unilever also remained the top performers. In the dairy product industry, Want Want grew its consumers by 4.4% by adding 9.2 million new families. Digital channels played a major role in the growth of FMCG in China, as 93% of Chinese families bought FMCG via online channels. Within e-commerce, the new O2O model (order online and receive delivery from an offline store) helped FMCG companies like Vinda, Haday, Nice, Unilever, and Dali attract new buyers.

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