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38% of consumers associated with the metaverse would choose restaurant purchases in the virtual world



According to a report, 38% of consumers using the metaverse are open to restaurant purchases in the virtual world. 20% of all restaurant goers know the metaverse and 18% have participated in it. It is expected to grow 50% by 2030. Gen Z consumers are the main target of virtual marketing as they go out less often than millennials had at their age. Many restaurants have tapped into it. Chipotle opened a virtual restaurant in Roblox in which a promotional code could be exchanged for a free burrito. Similarly, Wendy’s opened a restaurant in Horizon Worlds in which participants could play basketball while watching Wendy’s ads. Other brands including Pizza Hut and Jimmy John have tried to tie metaverse with a loyalty program and rewarding scheme. Still, restaurants shouldn’t abandon their in-person promotions as a majority of people consider friendly staff the most important part of a restaurant. Although metaverse has evolved, 60% of consumers still are not interested in joining it and 55% of US adults find privacy concerns with it.

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