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A glimpse of what the world might look like in 2030



Taking into account the vast changes incurred during COVID-19, experts predict that the world will be largely different in 2030 with new innovations. People are expected to take out-of-the-world vacations since rocket launches will be much less expensive. Electric flying vehicles are set to take over, with or without drivers. Containers, including boxes, bags, and bottles, are set to be “smart” and sustainable. Packages will be delivered using drones, robots, and automated vehicles. Movies might become much more interactive with the algorithm knowing what you want to watch, when and with whom. Most devices would be connected and would keep track of health and well-being. The high-rise buildings of the future would contain mixed-use services, e.g., childcare, dog walking, and dry cleaning. In-store shopping is likely to become much more personalised, with salespeople knowing a person’s preferences based on prior information. It is likely that instead of owning just one car, customers would have a subscription enabling them to use multiple cars. All of these predictions are not certain to occur but are highly likely to.

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