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After CG brands, educational institutions have started entering the metaverse space



The founder and CEO of K20 Educators, Vriti Saraf defined metaverse as “a virtual version of everything you can do in real life. It is interoperable, owned by no one, and allows a lot of different platforms to live within it.” By this definition, not only big CG brands from the food and beverage, cosmetics, and fashion industries can enter the metaverse, but institutions can use metaverse as a virtual platform to teach kids. With education-minded companies, K-12 students need not completely build out to participate in the metaverse, informed Camilla Gagliolo, senior director of event content at ISTE. Education-empowered companies like Labster (platform provider for virtual labs and science simulations), and the VR companies like ENGAGE and Mozilla Hubs are creating a learning space in the metaverse known as eduverse. Dallas Hybrid Prep, is the first educational institution that has implemented the metaverse platform, STEMuli metaverse to help students learn virtually.

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