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An insight into 2022’s brand marketing featuring influencers



Many brands are hiring influencers for marketing purposes, not limiting themselves to celebrities with massive followings but also micro-and nanoinfluencers, kidfluencers, gaming influencers, and virtual influencers. The pandemic witnessed a rise in TikTok and unscripted content from these people. According to GlobalWebIndex, the level of interaction with influencers was the same or more for 96% of UK and US consumers after COVID. On the other hand, the pandemic reduced the budget for influencer marketing, according to 41% of respondents in a survey. The content most popular with audiences was the one that entertained them or addressed their daily problems. Brands can profit from influencers by knowing the niche and reach of the influencer as well as whether they are aligned with the brand and product. Also, high-quality, fewer, and more authentic influencers are more likely to make an impression. 

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