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An insight into restaurants’ reaction to automation and AI for jobs held currently by humans



The use of AI for self-serve options, inventory, scheduling, and marketing is already prevalent in many restaurants. McDonald’s has iPad-like screens that allow customers to order by themselves as well as a living person at the cash register. A cashier at a restaurant usually costs much more than automated technology and has sick days, absences, and generally less efficient make-up. Still, not all restaurants are ready to embrace automation because the economics don’t always add up. Last year, McDonald’s bought a voice recognition system that garnered only 85% order accuracy. This has forced the company to keep its human staff for now. Still, many chains are enthusiastic, including Chipotle Mexican Grill, which invested in robotics company Hyphen for systems organising digital orders efficiently. The restaurant additionally bought Chippy by Miso Robotics for making tortilla chips. Jack in the Box is also experimenting with Miso’s Flippy 2 for frying chicken wings and French fries. White Castle, Panera Bread and Buffalo Wild Wings are some other brands testing Miso products. Research shows a combination of human crew and AI is imperative to achieve maximum results.

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