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An insight into the usage of social media networks in Asia-Pacific 2022-2025



The platform held a survey of social networking users in the Asia-Pacific (2022-2025), counting anyone using social sites even once a month. The result shows, unsurprisingly, that 60% of the total 3.5 billion people using social networks in 2022 will be from the Asia-Pacific region. Only 511 million are going to be Europeans. The main surprise is the slow growth rate of social media. Since 2009 and until 2021, it has always been in double digits. However, it dropped to 4.8% last year and is going to decrease to 3.4% this year. On the other hand, the site having the highest number of users is estimated to be Facebook with 934.3 million people followed by Instagram rather than TikTok. The latter would have given tough competition to the former for second place if not for its ban in India.

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