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An insight on how creators influence consumers’ shopping behaviours



Brands can indirectly showcase their products to audiences via YouTube creators and influencers. Ipsos, a market research firm, claims that half of the US consumers feel confident when buying from a brand promoted through creators’ stories or product reviews. Brands including Ritz, Madewell, and Schick have engaged with audiences in three ways through creators that are as follows. 1, Find a creator with personal connection; creators build trust by sharing authentic and vulnerable stories. 2, Connect with diverse creators; brands can reach global and diverse audiences if they partner with global YouTube creators. 3, Increase in search rate; YouTube creators influence online and offline consumer shopping behaviour and help them discover brands through interactive videos or stories. Schick, an American razor brand, saw a 45% increase in purchase intent and a 3,540% lift in the branded keyword search on Google and YouTube.

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