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Are you craving Pizza with Pepsi? You can now enjoy cola-infused pepperoni pizza



Todd Kaplan, the chief marketer at PepsiCo plans to take some innovational initiatives to step up the brand’s vision. He plans to do so by rolling out Pepsi-Roni Pizza and implementing tech-empowered marketing strategies. The unique product is a move to expand the beverage giant’s Better with Pepsi messaging platform-a strategic marketing campaign pursuing brands to print Pepsi’s logo on their takeout bags. As per the survey, 72% of famous pizza chains like Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Papa John’s, and Marco’s Pizza serve Pepsi with their food. To take this duo to the next level, PepsiCo is launching its cola-infused pepperoni pizza, featuring pepperoni slices finished with a crispy Pepsi logo. The soda giant also offers an exclusive $5 discount on DoorDash for any $15 pizza orders that include Pepsi. Kaplan further informed that the brand is in the process of manufacturing more cola-infused products like Pepsi Maple Syrup Soda.

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