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Carly Bigi, a fashion designer, is redefining plus-size wear and industry waste with AI



It has been estimated that there is a yearly 92 million tons of waste just from the textile industry. Many companies including Laws of Motion, a zero waste and zero inventory fashion brand, are trying to combat it. Laws of Motion’s CEO Carly Bigi in an interview claimed that new problems require innovative solutions. For better data precision and buying experience, the company’s AI technology blends proprietary and complex computer visioning and learning tech with a very simple user interface. Just by taking two pictures or a questionnaire without an app, customers can have their sizes judged in the form of a 3D mesh. Accuracy is 99%, mapping the data to 1,260 precision sizes enabling personalisation, inclusivity, and sustainability. This made-to-order approach promotes zero waste and is set to eliminate 4.425 million tons of CO2 emissions. The company has increased size inclusivity by 20 times with a 70% higher profit margin compared to other brands. Laws of Motion aims to combat all kinds of toxic societal notions by facilitating all sizes and shapes.

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