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CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, launches Simplicity Sprint to gather ideas about better efficiency from employees



Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has announced a “Simplicity Sprint” in which more than 170,000 full-time employees would participate to offer ideas for increased efficiency. He asked them to make the culture more customer-focused, mission-focused, and product-focused. This came after the Revenue Growth slowed to 13% in the quarter from 62% a year earlier, which had resulted from post-Covid reopenings. Hirings and investments are expected to slow as a result. Sprint offers a survey to employees, asking them questions about what would help them work more efficiently. This comes after Google staff gave particularly poor reviews in the Googlegeist Survey, regarding pay, promotion, and execution. In May, the company announced that it would work on these problems with better performance evaluation processes. In the aftermath of these events, there have been some concerns regarding layoffs. The company claimed to have no such plans at the moment, but didn’t completely rule out the possibility. According to Alphabet, there was an increase of 174,014 full-time employees from 144,056 the year before. But this pace is expected to slow.

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