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Clinique is leading the initiative of including inclusivity in the Metaverse



After launching the NFT art collection last year, Clinique is now foraying into the web3 space with an initiative to include diversity and inclusion within the metaverse. Clinique has entered into a partnership with three makeup artists, including Sheika Daley, Emira D’Spain, and Tess Daly, to launch a metaverse campaign named Metaverse Like Us. The above-mentioned makeup artists will help Clinique design makeup looks for virtual avatars created by Daz 3D, a software company. Daz 3D owns 66% avatars of colours and 16% disabled avatars among the diverse collection of 8,880 avatars. From July till September, Clinique plans to drop 1968 digital makeup looks on randomly selected Daz 3D avatar holders in three sections. Although the virtual space of metaverse is not the most diverse space, beauty brands like Nyx cosmetics are hoping to foster inclusivity by selling 8,430 digital NFT avatars representing BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people. Beauty brands can adopt a more diverse approach to promote inclusivity as the metaverse is expanding.

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