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Coca-Cola and electronic music producer Marshmello entered into a joint venture to launch new flavours



The Coca-Cola Company teamed up with the electronic music producer Marshmello to launch the latest limited-edition strawberry and watermelon flavoured beverage in its ongoing Creation series. Consumers would be able to grab the white 12-ounce cans with a black-dripped script, a nod to Marshmello’s signature helmet, and an illustration of Marshmello from 11th July. Coca-Cola came up with this aesthetic and unique packaging after working with Forpeople. The beverage giant will use digital marketing to support Marshmello’s flavour by taking over Marshmello’s Twitch channel on July 9. Fans who purchase the drink on 25th July will be able to scan a QR code on their can to access an online hub where Marshmello’s track can be streamed. The experience was designed and produced by the agency Gut.

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