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Consumers of the APAC region have given rise to the Home E-commerce



E-commerce has increased by 384% in the APAC region. The global home market is expected to grow to $184 billion by 2025. Amid a thriving home e-commerce market, retailers can consider the following three ways to cater to the expectations of pandemic-adapted consumers. 1, Rethink digital commerce; if the brand does not offer easy and quick delivery options like click-and-collect or curbside pickup, 58% of the APAC consumers switch retailers. BMW launched their new second-generation X5 through augmented reality experience in Malaysia. Consumers would see, hear, and feel the vehicle through their smartphones while sitting at home. 2, Utilize technology and AI; brands need to use human insights with AI to predict emerging trends and communication through live chats and chatbots. 3, Accelerate social shopping; in the APAC region, social shopping is expected to cross $4 trillion by 2024. Retailers need to utilize their social media platforms to grasp the attention of audiences.

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