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Consumers urge retailers to maintain food transparency while manufacturing products



According to the ‘Transparency in an Omnichannel World’ report presented by The Food Industry Association FMI and NielsenIQ, 64% of consumers are ready to buy from a brand that provides more insight on the product, besides sustenance information. The nutrient facts mentioned on the product package somewhat influence the shopping behaviour of a vast majority of health-conscious consumers (89%), while for 66% it is of prime importance. Other than sustenance information, 80% of consumers believe that food retailers should mention other transparency indicators as well, including allergen information and values-based facts like fair trade and animal welfare. Among the 55% of frequent online shoppers, 47% hold that online channels are an easier way to scrutinize sourcing information of a product. In terms of transparency, 30% of consumers demand brief product information, while others expect fast delivery and search functionality.

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