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CPG brands reinvented marketing in the virtual space of metaverse



CPG brands have reinvented marketing in the metaverse and adapted new solutions that are suitable to survive in the world of virtual space. Although some brands are skeptical about The Metaverse, but the virtual world is here to stay because of continuous technological advancement, major use cases, investments in metaverse infrastructure, and consumer-centric marketing and engagement. Top CPG brands have already revolutionised marketing and here are key takeaways for other brands 1, Increase awareness among new audiences and define your marketing goal. 2, Choose a metaverse platform that best suits your brand. Presently, Decentraland, Meta’s Horizon, Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite are some of the metaverse platforms and games available. 3, Interact with consumers with innovation and design interactive marketing strategies. 4, Direct-to-avatar sales of virtual goods have reached $54 billion market value, therefore, brands should think about solid money-making models. 5, Collaborate with brands that have already entered the metaverse. These partnerships will help access the suitable skill set required to achieve success. 6, Reimagine the marketing success because in the metaverse a digital marketing campaign is considered to be successful if it attracts more visitors, likes, and shares.

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