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Doritos starts a triangle search campaign on Snapchat, TikTok and Fortnite



Doritos has started a multi-channel campaign that asks consumers to hunt for triangle-shaped buildings. This move has been incorporated on Snapchat using a custom lens that changes any real-world triangles into Doritos chips. Users engaging with the feature get a code to redeem snacks, merchandise, and a chance to win $250,000. Other brands with triangle logos are involved too, including Xbox, Guess Originals, and Vivid Seats. Themed rewards, like a Doritos controller skin for Xbox or a custom chip-themed jean jacket from Guess, are offered. Similarly, Doritos teamed up with Offset, of the group Migos, to highlight triangles peppered around the MTV Video Music Awards. TikTok is also used in this campaign as consumers are urged to find and film iconic triangle-shaped locations in a bid to win $15,000 bounties. For the project, Doritos did takeovers of the building on West 57th St. in New York and a portion of the skyscraper at 101 Marietta St. in Atlanta, GA. It additionally brought in the virtual element with Fortnite that would allow users to go on bounty hunts and activities inspired by Doritos products.

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