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Future Salad secures US$3 million funding in its international expansion plan



Future Salad, a Hong Kong food-tech firm founded in 2020, is moving into the international market. Last year, it received over 200 million online exposures on social media platforms and earned a profit of US$5.2 million. New stores have recently opened in Hong Kong locations such as Queensway Plaza, Times Square, and Harbour City. Future Salad is constantly aiming to create goods that are centred on the user. The firm has now released new items, such as “Anti-aging Salad Drink Mix #E4ERYOUNG” and other Salad Drink Mix series made from natural fruits and vegetables.

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The firm has also taken feedback from new and old consumers into account as it prepares to launch “Kids Salad Drink Mix #KidsSalad” at the end of this year, teaming with the well-known international cartoon “Baby Shark” and seeking to attract the family market. Future Salad has secured a total of $3 million in funding from a variety of investors. The company’s market capitalization hit US$26 million. The fresh capital will enable the firm to hire more employees, increase its market share in existing areas, and penetrate new markets such as Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, and mainland China.

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