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Gartner finds trends that will shape the future of AI in coming times



As per the research carried out by Gartner, there are five emerging AI trends that executives should take into account to use and leverage AI responsibly. 1, Democratized AI allows consumers to access unlimited AI opportunities starting from the assistance and augmentation of the employees to exploring hidden trends in the big datasets. 2, Composite AI enhances the versatility, adaptability, and efficiency of AI as it allows consumers to use its techniques with the right use case. 3, Edge AI will allow consumers to use AI for real-time data analytics. 4, Responsible AI denotes that businesses and executives should make ethical choices and consider factors such as transparency, fairness, bias mitigation, societal value, risk, trust, accountability, safety, and privacy while adopting AI. 5, Generative AI refers to the ability of AI to create innovational products like photorealistic images of people along with its usage in code generation and designing pharmaceuticals. These AI-driven trends will allow authorities to scale and grow by applying innovative AI techniques.

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