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Jamadagni explains the digital integration strategy taken over by Mars



Mars’ digital Vice President, Sandeep Jamadagni, believes that problems of rising prices can be combated with improvements in planning, logistics, and manufacturing. He considers the five Is of modern companies, namely inventory ratios, inflation, interest rates, invasion, and infection, to be of chief importance. According to him, delivering data is quite important in order to anticipate supply chain events as Mars needs to focus on preparation instead of reaction. Data integration platform MuleSoft enables Mars to make its data available on different platforms like trade promotion management. In sustainability logistics, integrating customers’ green goals with the company’s is paramount. Steps Mars took to achieve this goal included taking API data from external sources, integrating it with transport information from SAP, and sending it to a near-real-time data lake. Jamadagni also focused on canonical mapping, in which integrations are mapped for external partners. Concepts of reuse and productivity should be a focus. All of this lowers costs significantly.

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