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MedCrypt offers cybersecurity solutions to three surgical robots manufacturers to boost secure clinical care



MedCrypt, an American cybersecurity solution provider to the manufacturers of surgical robots, has expanded its client network by offering services to three companies. With MedCrypt’s cybersecurity solutions, these companies would be able to develop secure and safe interoperable system suites. As per the Verified Market Research, the market for the surgical robot will hit a valuation of $22.2 billion by 2028, promoting robotics, visualisation, and AI in minimally invasive surgeries. These advancements require security and protection to safeguard the health of patients and innovative clinical care. MedCrypt’s cybersecurity solution features Heimdall (tracks security vulnerabilities), canary (real-time data recorder), and cryptography (manages and protects cryptographic implementations and data). MedCrypt helps the firm develop strong medical device strategies, including secure development lifecycle (SDLC) processes, regulatory strategy, and business strategy.

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