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Mondelez sees online snack shopping trend lasting longer than anticipated



E-commerce has become the new normal of the retail sector. Consumers have become savvy to utilize e-commerce channels to order snacks even after the restrictions are lifted. Mondelez, the manufacturer of Ritz Crackers, Oreo Cookies, and Cadbury Chocolate, saw a boost of 30% in e-commerce sales in the regions of Asia, Middle East, and Africa this year. In China, the firm comprised 20% of sales in collaboration with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and TikTok. Chinese consumers are using e-commerce channels to order biscuits and gum, Australian consumers shop for low sugar, healthy snacks, while Indian consumers opted for chocolate. In addition to the wasabi-flavoured Oreos that were rolled out for Chinese taste buds and pandan coconut chocolate for Malaysian consumers, the firm plans to offer healthier alternative snacks.

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