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Nivea cream maker, Beiersdorf, anticipates growth in the travel retail and automotive industry



Beiersdorf, the Nivea cream making firm, anticipates a recuperation in travel retail and interest for sun care items in 2022. The Nivea maker also expects a boost in the sales of adhesives which would reboot the automotive industry. Beiersdorf anticipated it because the last quarter deals rose by 4.3% to $2.2 billion. The consumer business saw a rise of 4.1% in the sales of organic items. As individuals returned to beaches, the Nivea brand saw soaring demand for sun creams, shower gels, and deodorants. Beiersdorf plans to dispatch its Eucerin Sunline in the US towards the beginning of 2022. The Tesa adhesive category, which makes about a fifth of sales, reported an increase of 4.6% organic sales, helped by development in the Chinese electronic business. The firm has expanded its 2021 outlook up to 11% to 13% to grow Tesa’s organic sales and expects the automotive industry to recover from the shortage of computer chips in 2022.

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