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Pecan AI is an analytics forecast tool that eliminates the need for data scientists



It has been estimated that companies can increase revenue by incorporating data science, which would analyse consumer forecasts. Pecan AI is an analytics startup made for just such a purpose. It is an AI device that solves critical business problems and drives revenues. Its main focus is on customer acquisition and retention strategies, pricing and packaging, resource planning, manufacturing and distribution, churning, and conversion modelling. This eliminates the need for data scientists for those brands that can’t afford them. Through this technology, predictive data analysis has become automated and forecasts are yielded in days rather than months. To make predictions more precise, users should provide a larger amount of data to the AI. The main businesses that Pecan caters to are finance, insurance, retail, CPG, mobile apps, and consumer services sectors. In the last year, Pecan has increased revenue by 2/3rds and raised more than $100M. Its next step is going global.

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