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P&G’s new packaging box incorporates sustainability, child safety, and inclusive design



P&G’s Ariel has launched a new laundry care box called ECOCLIC, which is more sustainable and inclusive and has a certification in child safety. The pack ticks all the boxes. It is FSC certified and can save 6500 tonnes of plastic. It also caters to people having dexterity issues owing to its one-click closure, which makes it safe for children. All of this was achieved after rigorous testing with more than 2000 customers, a mix of children and adults, and understanding how they reacted to prototypes. Alongside the packaging, Ariel’s new Pods allow stain removal even in cold water thanks to COOLCLEAN technology. This helps reduce emissions as the energy needed to heat the water accounts for 60% of the laundry’s carbon footprint. For people who have sight issues, the new packaging features a tactile marker and NaviLens. A washing machine symbol on the top of the box would enable them to recognise it by the use of their fingers. Similarly, a QR code can be scanned for information. Apart from this, the idea behind the cardboard nature of the box was quite uncertain and only approved after consistent testing, making 70% of its composition recycled fibres and virgin cardboard. The company is committed to reducing virgin plastic in the Fabric Care business by 30% in Europe by 2025. This solution would help it achieve its goal.

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