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Procter and Gamble launches a new virtual platform on Shopee



Consumer goods company Procter and Gamble has launched a new virtual shopping space on Shopee, a southeast Asian e-commerce marketplace. The first campaign commenced in 2020 and uplifted sales by 20 times. The lessons from this resulted in an enhanced Show Me My Home platform. To engage a more tech-savvy consumer base after the pandemic, the company created some developments. An initiative like Show Me My Home made shopping more immersive and interesting. On logging on, consumers would find themselves in a virtual house where numerous products from P&G brands like Olay, Oral B, Gillette, and Downey are displayed. They can view commercials on virtual television and play games for discounts. The campaign has increased the time spent by customers to 60% as well as the conversion rates. This is a big gain for personal care products which are usually tried, touched, and smelled first. The feature has rolled out to six SEA countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia.

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