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Selling reinvented: Commissioned-based salespersons joined social media handles to sell products directly



Retail industry sales workers are stepping out of their brand’s stores and selling products via social media platforms. Cesar Callejas, the full-time salesperson of Tiffany created his Instagram account, PleaseReturnToCesar, and sold over $150,000 worth of jewellery pieces through DMS and phone calls without even meeting his clients. Currently, there are plenty of Tiffany’s workers on different social media sites like, Facebook and Instagram, selling stunning jewellery and making commissions. The reason many commission-based sales workers are appearing on social media sites is that more startups are providing tech software, helping these salespersons sell directly. One such software is Salesfloor, which helps workers establish a virtual storefront on their retailer websites. Brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor use Salesfloor.

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