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Teeccino’s findings: Consumers are either curbing their coffee intake or looking for alternatives



Caffeine’s serious health side effects, including insomnia, acid reflux, and headaches, have driven consumers to curb caffeine intake or explore healthier alternatives. Many newbies have entered the space, like Mellow Rooster, Buzz Lite, and Mud\Wtr, but Teeccino, serving consumers for decades still leads others. Teeccino launched a key ingredient, Ramon seeds, that tastes like dark roasted coffee with chocolate flavours, for consumers not willing to completely eliminate coffee. The brand offers multiple flavours like creamy, spicy, fruity, and minty tastes for health-conscious consumers, along with roasted tea bags made from functional ingredients such as plant-based prebiotic concentrates and adaptogenic mushrooms. The brand aims to reduce stress, improve gut health, and boost immunity via its refreshing beverage line.

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