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Unilever adopted biotech to diversify its supply chain



Unilever has entered into a powerful partnership with San Diego-based biotechnology specialists Geno to use plant-based alternatives for harmful feedstocks like palm oil and fossil fuels. Both the companies are jointly investing $120 million to commercialise plant-based alternatives of feedstocks used to make cleansers for personal care, home care, and beauty products. Richard slater, Unilever’s chief research and development officer, mentioned that the company is exploring the possibility of revolutionising its sourcing for cleansing ingredients, which would potentially ensure that the brand is a future-fit business for consumers and shareholders. The move to switch to sustainably sourced palm oil could be a game-changer for the $625 billion home, beauty, and personal care markets. As part of its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of palm-derived ingredients by 50%, Unilever announced that it will stop sourcing palm oil from areas with large deforestation rates by 2023. While palm oil will remain a significant feedstock for Unilever, the company can diversify its supply chain by using alternative ingredients.

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