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VR platforms Emperia and Perfitly incorporate metaverse-like experience in online shopping



E-commerce platforms are becoming more advanced with 3D virtual showrooms and try-on rooms. An example of this is Emperia, which creates virtual shopping experiences for brands and lets customers try on products like lipstick and clothing. Similarly, Perfitly is an apparel e-commerce company that creates a 3D body image using a mobile app to give customers an accurate view of how a garment fits their avatar body image. These have enabled higher conversion, lower returns, greater shopper satisfaction, and brand loyalty for brands. No special gear is required to use these services, except mobile phones and browsers. They increase customer engagement by taking a flat image of the garment and putting it on an image that approximates the shopper’s inputted dimensions. Try-ons have become much more accurate, eliminating a 30% loss. It would be advisable for different brands to incorporate these services slowly and gradually and maintain virtual and physical stores.

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