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What happens to influencer couples’ brand deals when they break-up



Brands like to hire couples for advertising since usually their engagement rate and analytics are higher and people like to follow their relationship. The important question arises, what would happen if a couple decides to break up in the middle of the deals? Many times the couple decides to tough it out and finish the deals in a week or two after splitting up and not announcing the break-up till then. In this case, they need to look authentic and convincing. If people can’t do that, they should just forgo the scheme. Sometimes, the break-up is so messy that it’s not possible for people to complete the deals. In this case, if the brand has reached the pair through an agency, it should ask them to replace the couple with another one to complete the remaining contract. If this doesn’t work either then the brand can let the couple shoot scenes separately before merging them. Traditionally, after the pandemic, the brands have been quite understanding of personal problems with 75-80% of the time them being open to compromise.

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